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HISTORY / Provenance: was the first LIVE Webcasting company. Created in 2001, the firm created the first digital rights management system based on a stego-thread technology. The firm was part of the ill-fated Anasazi business incubator of Santa Fe, NM. When the dot-bomb kicked in, the incubator failed and StreamRocket technology while still in beta... eventually died six months later. The domain had one original owner and there is a TRADEMARK "The Fastest Way to Stream Today," that is available. For both, the cost is $14,000.

We use Buyer will provide funds to them and when domain is transferred to Buyer, releases funds. For additional information, you may contact the owner, Bart Wilson discretely at (719) 645-9940 for further details on this domain.


Appraisal Value (2011): $12,000

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